Mole Removal in San Antonio

RFSA Dermatology is pleased to present our mole removal services in San Antonio, TX! Mole removal is a procedure performed for cosmetic or medical reasons. Our licensed and board-certified doctors use the latest technologies and methods to ensure that our patients receive the best care.

What are Moles? 

A mole is typically a small, dark brown or black spot that can occur anywhere on the body, singly or in groups. They are generally opaque but can also be flesh-colored, pink, red, or blue. Moles can look raised or flat, and they may have hair growing from them. Most people have between 10 and 40 moles.

Moles usually appear during childhood and adolescence but can also develop in adulthood. They generally appear after age 20 and may change in appearance over time. For example, they may grow more prominent, darker, or numerous, and some will fade away.

Further, they are generally harmless and do not require treatment. However, while most moles are benign or non-cancerous, some can become malignant over time. There are two types of moles:  

  • Congenital Nevi. These are present at birth and tend to be larger than the acquired nevi.
  • Acquired Nevi. These develop over time and are more common than congenital nevi.

Some moles can become cancerous (melanoma) over time. Melanoma is a severe skin cancer that can be fatal if not detected early and treated correctly. It’s essential to monitor your moles for changes in:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Bleeding
  • Becoming crusty
  • Itchy or sore

If you see any significant changes or symptoms, you must see a doctor or dermatologist immediately to check them out. Most benign moles are small, round, or oval and have smooth edges. They are usually no more than 6mm in diameter.  

However, the mole’s size does not always indicate whether it is cancerous.  

  • While a malignant mole can have a diameter of less than 6mm, a healthy mole can also be more prominent.
  • While a healthy mole may be any color, including brown, black, or tan, a cancerous mole may also be these colors.
  • It is essential to check for symmetry. If the mole’s sides do not match, it may indicate that the mole is cancerous.

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Am I a Candidate For Mole Removal? 

Our dermatologists and physician assistants can perform mole removal in San Antonio for growths on the skin that may be irritating, cancerous, or precancerous. But, some also undergo this procedure for beauty (cosmetic) reasons.

If the mole is large, continues to grow or changes in color or shape, is located in an area that rubs against clothing or jewelry, or if you have a family history of skin cancer, you may be more likely to opt for removal for medical reasons. 

Our dermatologists will consider several factors when determining if you are a candidate for mole removal, including:

  • The size, shape, and color of the mole
  • The location of the mole on your body
  • Whether the mole is growing or changing
  • Your health history and any previous skin cancer diagnoses
  • Your age

If you are considering removing your mole(s), consult our board-certified dermatologists with experience performing mole removal in San Antonio. We will evaluate thoroughly and make recommendations based on your situation.

What Can I Expect From My Mole Removal Procedure? 

Moles can be removed via surgical excision, shave excision, electrosurgery, cryosurgery, or laser surgery. The type of mole removal performed will depend on the mole’s size, shape, and location. Your dermatologist will also consider your health history and whether you have allergies to anesthesia or other medications.

Mole removal is usually an outpatient procedure, meaning you come into the clinic and leave the same day. The length of the process will depend on the number and size of moles removed. However, the surgery is relatively quick and only takes 10 minutes and up to an hour, depending on depth, size, and the number of moles.  

After the surgery, you’ll need to keep the area clean and dry, and you may need to use some ointment or cream to help keep the treatment area moist. Within a few days, it will start to heal, and within a week or two, it will completely heal, and you’ll be able to see the results of your surgery.  

Most people tolerate mole removal well, and there is usually minimal pain associated with the procedure. However, swelling and bruising may occur around the treatment area, which goes away within a week or so.  

After removal, your dermatologist will perform a tissue biopsy to check for cancer cells. If cancer cells are present, you may need additional treatment. Mole removal is usually considered a safe and effective procedure with minimal risks, but like all surgeries, there are potential risks and side effects.  

Complications from mole removal are rare but can include infection, bleeding, and scarring. Talk to our dermatologists specializing in mole removal in San Antonio about your options when considering this treatment for cosmetic or medical reasons.

How RFSA Dermatology Will Help

When it comes to mole removal, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best possible care. That’s why you should consider RFSA Dermatology. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with all sorts of skin conditions and can help you get rid of your moles quickly and effectively.  

RFSA Dermatology is a leading provider of mole removal in San Antonio. We have a team of experienced, licensed, qualified dermatologists, physician assistants, and technicians who can help you with your cosmetic and medical needs. We use the latest technologies and techniques to remove your moles and have a proven track record of success.

If you’re looking for a professional team to help you with your mole removal needs, look no further than RFSA Dermatology.  

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