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RFSA Dermatology is one of the first carriers of the high-end French beauty line, Biologique Recherche in San Antonio, TX. Every Biologique Recherche skincare product is carefully curated with a balance of authenticity and harmony. As proud partners of the beauty line, our estheticians are fully-trained and constantly learning new techniques to bring our clients the luxurious experience of Biologique Recherche.

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The Skin Instant

Everyone has a different “Skin Instant” that is constantly evolving. Each person has various layers of skin that change several times a day and countless times throughout its lifetime. Biologique Recherche believes that the artificial categorization of skins as normal, dry, or oily provides a poor psychological definition of a skin’s condition and only gives a stationary image of the epidermal cosmetic imbalances. In doing so, inappropriate treatments can lead to new imbalances or reactive old ones. As trained Biologique Recherche professionals, we analyze all these variables and advise clients on the treatment that is best suited to their “Skin Instants”


The Biologique Recherche Methodology involves three fundamental stages:

  1. Assessment:  The first stage involves using a specific physiological, behavioral and tactile approach. Each person’s Skin Instant is assessed to create a tailored beauty treatment.
  2. Initialization: As the skin’s outer layer and ultimate barrier, the epidermis is vital to skincare. This stage is essential in the Biologique Recherche methodology as the epidermis’ dignified functions must be respected and should receive customized treatment.
  3. Lastly, Biologique Recherche products are hand-selected according to each person’s Skin Instant containing the highest concentrations of active ingredients. This reconditions the epidermis and helps activate the skin’s regeneration properties. The unique benefits of these skin care treatments are both instant and lasting, even for those with imbalanced Skin Instant’s.

40 Years of Passion

Biologique Recherche was founded over 40 years ago by Yvan, Josette, and Philippe Allouche, who combined their knowledge and passion to write a unique and visionary page in the history of skincare. When the company was first established, it operated as a research and development laboratory whose sole purpose was to develop formulations for professionals who were unhappy with existing products. Today, the reputation of the Biologique Recherche Methodology has flourished into an acclaimed beauty line for its clinical approach to beauty care using pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, as well as innovative methodology.


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