Lip Fillers in San Antonio, TX

Lip fillers — you’ve likely heard of them but may not have considered them for yourself. There are many misconceptions about lip fillers that scare away potential candidates. But learning about this treatment from a team of professionals takes away much of the confusion surrounding them. 

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What are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are a popular procedure used to restore the lips’ natural volume. Most lip fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is injected directly into the lips for an increase in both size and volume. Not only does HA plump the lips, but it also traps water within them to deliver a healthy, natural-looking pout. 

Part of the popularity of lip fillers is how quick and safe they are. This non-invasive, non-surgical procedure injects fillers like hyaluronic acid, fat, or implants into the lips. This keeps them looking plump, full, natural, and young. 

The Benefits of Lip Fillers

Where do we even begin? Lip fillers offer more benefits than making your lips bigger. They can also be used to reduce age lines or wrinkles on the lips. 

As you age, the soft tissues in the face change. This can significantly alter your appearance, resulting in thinner lips.

Here are the benefits of scheduling a lip fillers San Antonio appointment: 

  • Safe procedure. Because of the non-invasive nature of lip fillers, the procedure is low-risk. It’s also quick, cost-effective, and reversible. 
  • Reversible. While we hope this isn’t the case, if you’re unhappy with the way your lips look, we can inject an enzyme to dissolve your lip filler.
  • Boost in self-esteem. As we get older, our lips tend to get thinner after years of decompressing. Lip fillers are a simple & effective way to restore the natural shape of your lips. 
  • More symmetrical lips. Lip fillers can also be used to correct uneven lips or make them more symmetrical. And, of course, they can simply be used for volume if you have particularly thin lips and want to add more definition to your face.

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Are Lip Fillers Right For Me?

Over time, your lip size will get smaller. This can be a result of many factors, among them genetics, sun damage, or smoking. 

While lip fillers are generally a very safe procedure, they’re not for everyone. The main reason for this procedure is to enlarge the lips for reasons such as: 

  • Restoring the previous lip size
  • Correcting the shape of your lips
  • Smoothing wrinkles 
  • Boosting confidence

Be sure to consult with your primary physician before getting lip fillers just to make sure that you are a candidate. Pre-existing conditions like autoimmune disorders, diabetes, active infections, blood clots, or allergies to local anesthetics may disqualify some patients from receiving lip fillers.

To be considered for this treatment, you should be in good physical health and have realistic expectations. Our team will help you determine if lip fillers are right for you at your initial consultation. 

About The Procedure: What Can You Expect? 

The first step to getting lip fillers in San Antonio is scheduling a consultation with RFSA Dermatology. We’ll go over any questions or concerns you may have before the procedure. We also want to learn about any preexisting health conditions that may disqualify you as a candidate. Finally, we’ll go over your goals and how we can help achieve them. 

During the appointment, we’ll apply a topical anesthetic to your lips to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Generally, the procedure is not considered painful. The entire treatment can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. 

After the procedure, the esthetician will gently massage your lips to allow them to fully absorb the fillers. They may also ice your lips to reduce any swelling. 

Some patients may experience slight discomfort, swelling, and mild bruising for a few days. These symptoms go away within a couple of days but can take up to a week. 

We may also request that you schedule a follow-up appointment within two weeks after your initial treatment. This allows us to examine your lips and discuss the final results. 

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last? 

You can expect your treatment to last 12 to 18 months. This number varies depending on your age and how fast your body breaks down calories. Younger people with fast metabolisms tend to burn calories faster; therefore, their lip fillers won’t last as long.

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Why Should I Get Lip Fillers at RFSA Dermatology? 

When looking to get your lip fillers in San Antonio done, you want to choose a well-established dermatology office. At Rainey and Finklea San Antonio Dermatology, we have an amazing crew of board-certified dermatologists who are more than qualified to not only meet your needs but get to know you as a person. 

Bedside manners are a priority in our office. So you not only know that you’re getting excellent care but that you can feel safe and comfortable expressing your concerns while you’re doing it. Our attention to detail will make sure that you leave with the best possible solution for your individual case.

If you still have concerns or questions, just ask! Our team would be more than happy to help put your concerns at ease about any of our procedures. You will find not only an excellent dermatology office but a great group of people. Get in touch with us to learn more! 

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