Jeuveau in San Antonio

With age, lines naturally form in different parts of the face for many reasons. If you’re looking for ways to minimize persistent frown lines created through repeated muscle contractions, talk to a dermatologist about Jeuveau injections. Jeuveau is an effective, accessible option to relax facial muscles to treat and prevent unwanted wrinkles and creases. 

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What is Jeuveau?

Jeuveau is a wrinkle treatment injection not unlike Botox, specifically used to target frown lines in the upper region of the face. Once injected, it interrupts nerve behavior that would otherwise instruct the facial muscles to flex, which temporarily smoothes lines. A relatively new treatment option, FDA-approved Jeuveau is shown to reduce moderate to severe facial frown lines (glabellar lines) for up to six months.

While Jeuveau and Botox have a similar effect, key factors set them apart. Jeuveau is more affordable and lasts longer (about 5-6 months as opposed to 3-5 months for Botox); however, Jeuveau is only used to target the muscles that cause frown lines, while Botox is approved to treat a wider variety of wrinkles. Both treatments should only be administered by a qualified specialist.

If you’re unsure which facial treatment would best address any persistent issues with your complexion, contact us today to schedule a personalized consultation. Your clinician will walk you through the risks and benefits of all the processes that may address your concerns.

How Does It Work?

Persistent wrinkles manifest due to reduced elasticity in areas where repeated expressions create dynamic lines. Jeuveau temporarily prevents muscles from contracting so wrinkles cannot form.

Jeuveau works similarly to other neuromuscular blocking agents. It inhibits the release of acetylcholine, ultimately blocking neural messages. This prevents contraction, allowing the muscles to stay in a resting position.

Jeuveau only takes about 20 minutes to administer, and there’s no recovery time before resuming regular activities. Avoid massaging the injection site for 24 hours to prevent unwanted toxin migration.

The effects of Jeuveau are not permanent, and follow-up treatments may be necessary to maintain your desired appearance. It’s essential that you consult a physician and rely on the advice of a specialist when determining which types of wrinkle-targeting facial injections are best for you.

Who is Jeuveau For?

Jeuveau treats dynamic wrinkles formed from repeated muscular contraction in the upper third of the face, particularly between the brows. It is not shown to be effective for static wrinkles, sun damage, or facial lines resulting from declining collagen or personal habits.

If you’re interested in safe, reliable, budget-friendly injections to mitigate frown lines, talk to a clinician at RFSA Dermatology about our affordable Jeuveau San Antonio service.

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