Can A Dermatologist Remove A Cyst

Can A Dermatologist Remove A Cyst?

Cysts are small sacs that can develop under the skin. They’re often filled with fluid or pus and can be painful to the touch. While they’re not usually harmful, they can be unsightly and cause discomfort. In some cases, they may rupture and release their contents into the surrounding tissue. If you have a cyst causing problems, you may wonder if a dermatologist can remove it. The answer is yes, but the process will vary depending on the type of cyst and its location.

The Various Types Of Cysts

There are various types of cysts, each requiring a slightly different approach to remove. If you develop one, there is no need to worry too much – there is a good chance that a dermatologist can remove it. However, before you schedule an appointment, here are some things you need to know.

Dermatologists can remove skin tags (small benign tumors that grow on the skin) as well as cysts. Cysts come in all shapes and sizes, from relatively small ones just a few millimeters across to huge ones that can measure 10 centimeters across.

People develop cysts mainly because of an underlying skin condition, such as acne or psoriasis. In most cases, cysts will eventually go away by themselves without any treatment other than keeping the area clean and dry. However, if they become inflamed or infected, then a dermatologist may be able to treat them with antibiotics or surgery.

Can Dermatologists Remove Skin Tags?

Skin tag removal is generally less invasive than removing cysts. However, it does require local anesthesia. Skin tag removal usually takes around 30 minutes and involves making two small incisions close to the edge of the tag. After removing the tag, these incisions heal within days without scarring.

What To Expect During The Procedure

If you are experiencing a cyst on your skin, it is important to know what to expect during the procedure. The dermatologist will numb the area around the cyst and then make a small incision in the skin. They will then drain the fluid from the cyst and clean the area. After this, they will close up the incision with stitches or bandages. Depending on the size of the cyst, you may need to come back for follow-up appointments to ensure everything is healing properly.

The scarring that typically results from this type of surgery can be minimal if done correctly, but it should always be discussed with your doctor ahead of time. In most cases, patients can return to normal activities within two weeks of surgery. However, depending on how large and complex the cyst was, some may require more time off work or modifications to their routine. There are also times when you can go back right away. You will need to discuss this with your doctor to understand what is expected of your situation.

If you have a skin cyst and have questions, we are here to help. Our goal is to provide our patients with the most pain-free experience possible. We want to help you get that cyst taken care of and back to normal activities. Give us a call, and let’s discuss your situation.


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